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Thank You

Since EarthStream was founded this last year, we have directly helped more than 500 animals around the world, making a significant impact on their lives. Some, such as Spirit and Jasper, a horse and a pony rescued from slaughter, simply would not be here with out all of us. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our entire team, our investors, filmmakers, and each and every subscriber that helped make this happen. The world is a better place because of all of you so we have a lot to be grateful for.

Our success was largely based on value exchange with nonprofits that was to be mutually beneficial. Sadly, we didn’t realize that these relationships would be quite so full of unforeseen complexities. Staff changes, financial hurdles, overwhelmed volunteers and a lack of talented resources plagued many of our efforts to coordinate with non-profit partners.

After much debate, we have decided to wind down our platform to think about and create more sustainable ways of helping more animals and our planet. We can no longer justify the high financial and personal costs of running this platform to the comparably low benefit we can provide to animals and our planet.

For those of you who subscribed to an annual plan through our website, we are refunding unused months less $30 that we donated to help animals. You will be receiving a deposit on the credit card you used for purchasing the annual plan in the coming days.

For annual subscribers who subscribed outside of our website – such as through an app – if you would like a partial refund please use our contact form to request one. We will accept refund requests through Friday, November 11th. After that point any remaining funds from annual subscriptions will be donated to animal-related charities.

For monthly users, your subscription will not renew automatically but you will be able to view content for the remainder of your plan.

We have moved some of our great titles over to UnchainedTV. Please consider supporting that channel with a free subscription.

Thanks again for your supporting EarthStream and helping animals.