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About EarthStream

We provide a space for filmmakers to share their creative storytelling on behalf of endangered animals and our planet. We showcase some of the most effective non-profits who do the most incredible rescue and conservation work daily. With your support, our platform gives back a portion of subscription revenue to these non-profits to continue their vital work.

EarthStream is here to tell the stories that need to be heard. That sparks conversation. That inspires action. We hope to inspire all to be caring ambassadors of the world we all share.

Our Team

We are a compassion-driven team with varied creative, artistic and technological skills and experiences in the film industry and non-profit world.

Our team members have worked with industry influencers such as Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros., National Geographic, Discovery and many more. We have ran non-profits and personally been involved in rescue/conservation work and continue to do so. We are passionate about creating and inspiring positive change in our lifetime and for future generations.