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Erin Parks

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Erin Parks

I have spent over 15 years editing factual television, from documentary to reality for CBC, National Geographic, History and Discovery Channel. In addition, I have created videos for a wide range of clients for social media, corporate communications and casting needs.

My passion and love for weaving a story inspired me to make independent documentaries, mostly exploring animal rescue and those making a difference.

Erin Park’s Film

Finding Shelter

Finding Shelter follows the Rowles family, from the UK, as they pack up their 4 kids and move to a small town in Bulgaria, in search of a quiet life. Their plans are altered, as they butt heads with the locals and slowly transform a community, with the opening of an animal shelter.

Finding Shelter was a very personal project for me and it actually started way back in 2008. I began filming animal shelters around the world and captured images in Africa, Peru, Guatemala, Barbados, Puerto Rico and finally Bulgaria in 2012. As I began editing in early 2013, the story of Diane and Tony Rowles and their 4 children was just too big for an anthology. I flew back to Bulgaria in October 2013, to spend more time with them, and Finding Shelter was officially born.

In August 2007, the Rowles family – Diane and Tony Rowles and their 4 children, 4 dogs and 2 cats decided to make the move to Bulgaria to have a more peaceful life from the busy lifestyle in the UK.  The Rowles bought a family property in the outskirts of Rudozem.

After living in Bulgaria for a few months, the family saw the plight of the street dogs and started feeding them and patting them.  They were shocked by the locals’ reactions and abuse towards the street dogs, and saw dogs spat on, kicked or had stones thrown at them.

Their journey to protect street dogs and cats not only changed themselves, but their children and the community.

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Non-Profit supporting Street Dogs

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is a non-profit foundation in Bulgaria that rescues street dogs from a life of abuse and finds them loving homes.