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Odessa Gunn

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Odessa Gunn

Odessa Gunn, filmmaker and Executive Director of Little Trooper Ranch

I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada; I’ve traveled the world, I’ve raced my bike at the highest level but I’m most proud of the 20 plus years I’ve dedicated to animals.

Animals (dogs especially) have always been part of my identity, my soul, my heart. When I see images or video of animal abuse, when I see wet markets in person, when I see lobsters in tanks, I feel sick and weak. Their suffering is my suffering and in truth, what we do to them we do to ourselves.

I hope the human race will someday cease to treat all other species as a warehouse of supplies, with no regard for their pain and suffering, but hope doesn’t help them. Only action can do that, so I’ve formed this team of talented people to do something. Together we will change the ratio of good vs evil in this world, one animal at a time.

Odessa Gunn’s Film

The Unsung Heroes

Odessa Gunn heads to Harbin, China with a camera crew for this episode of The Unsung Heroes where she’ll be rescuing dogs and cats from torture and death. Odessa will join a brave group of women who are putting it all on the line to stand up for animals that desperately need our help.

Non-Profit supporting Dog Rescues

Little Trooper Ranch

The Unsung Heroes is supported by Odessa’s non-profit. We are a passionate team dedicated to animals and the humans who will love them. We primarily represent dogs, with a focus on the ones who are least likely to be seen. Our main goal is to find loving homes that are best suited for the animals in our care.

Odessa has a personal message for you…

Caring for animals is at the forefront of my life. I have 26 permanent residents and usually around a dozen other animals that are up for adoption. Watch this video for my personal message to you.

If you want to get involved, please watch my film and sign my petition to help animals living on the street.

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