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We are an evidence-based nonprofit here to disrupt the status quo for good with you by our side. We are dedicated to rattling accepted norms around dairy and health, working to abolish the current system of dietary racial oppression, and promoting solutions for climate change. Discover how you can make a big difference in your health, performance, and the world we share with all beings. By ditching dairy, we can all live better and do more. Help us create a healthier, kinder, more sustainable future for all. Part of your subscription will help fund education programs that help millions understand the connection between their performance and the food they eat.

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Eliminating Dairy for your health, and the health of our planet

We believe that we can create a healthier, kinder, and fairer future for all. We believe that helping the world adopt a dairy-free, plant-based diet will get us there. We believe that people who adopt a plant-based diet will unlock the true potential of their performance, no matter the nature of their physical expression. We believe that eliminating our dependence on dairy will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. And we believe that, whenever possible, scientific data should inform our work. Here’s what the data says: The cost of dairy is too high. It costs the cows their lives, it can cost us our health, and it’s costing us the planet. The real kicker is this: It’s totally unnecessary.

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